Beating the Enemy at Thanksgiving.

            It is the week to give thanks.

            This week we celebrate gratitude and love and happiness and our countless blessings. We give glory to God for all good things and rejoice over good food, shared memories, songs, and time with family. This week is a sacred time in our country - spirits are high and everyone has already been wishing one another a Happy Thanksgiving - the lady on the phone from the electric company wished one for me and I wished one to the COX man who set up our Internet. Americans love this beautiful week.

            If we are not careful, however, this sacred time can be slowly infiltrated by that little voice that starts to sneak in to our lives...

            That voice that tries to make you look at the things you don't have rather than what you do have.

            Nobody has a perfect family but that voice could try to convince you that yours is the worst and you would be happier in a different one in the thick of family drama that seems to come to a boil this week. You do not need a relationship or a spouse to be happy, but that voice is going to try to remind you that you are alone and that loneliness is equal to misery. You do not have as many fun weekend events to attend as your friends you see on social media, and that voice will try to convince you that you are unwanted and excluded. Material things do not fulfill us but that voice is going to tell you - you do not have close to enough. You need more.

            Why else would people trample each other to the point of death on Black Friday to buy things?

            This is the week where we each get to take control in shutting that voice up in our hearts and minds - we get the decision to beat the enemy and let gratitude rule our thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is the week to look at our imperfect families and be grateful to have a family - parents, cousins, crazy uncles, and all. It is the week to focus on the big blessings we take for granted - running water, food on the table, cars to drive, friends to go around. It is the week to truly believe that - relationship during the Christmas season or not - life is still good, full, promising, and beautiful - and that no matter what events you are or are not invited to - that you are still loved by many.

            It is the week to truly remember - I have enough things - how can I give more love?

            We get the choice...the choice to change our perspective to say not, "I don't have..." but to say, think, and believe...

            I have more than enough. Thanks be to God.