In Defense of Catholic Match.

"Where and when will I find Mr. Right?"

            Women write to me asking this question very often. I get e-mails from women who are struggling as they see many of their friends finding significant others, getting asked on dates, etc., while they feel alone and totally hopeless when it comes to dating. They share with me about how they pray and pray for the right man to come along, or pray to have any glimmer of hope at all by going on even one date with a good man. Dating in the Christian or Catholic world in hopes of finding a spouse can be a really difficult season of any young adult's life.

            I remember very vividly over three years ago when my sister was sharing this exact sentiment with me one night. The great men were nowhere to be found in the arenas she was involved in across the board. She knew it was highly unlikely that she would find them in the bar scene in Hollywood, or randomly bump into one in the produce section at the grocery store. She desired a meaningful and lasting relationship with a great Catholic man and hoped to be married sometime in the nearer future. As we were having this conversation one night, something stirred within me and I knew I had to push her along the way, so I made her do something I thought was totally crazy.

            I forced her to sign up for Catholic Match.

            We cried laughing as we filled out her profile, thinking it was the goofiest thing she would ever do. I was surely hoping that she would not end up even more hopeless than before as we entered her TV habits, her favorite style of liturgy, her favorite saints, and her "Agree" or "Disagree" to those 7 questions regarding how "in line" she is with the doctrinal teachings of the Catholic Church. Our sides split with laughter and God was in hysterics right along with us.  

            She met the man she would marry online a week later.

            Online dating can be an uncomfortable topic or thought for some people. My sister's story certainly does not happen for everyone who signs up because it is not a surefire way to find your spouse, but some are completely closed to the possibility. Some still feel there is a stigma attached to it...they fear or dread meeting someone and then having to explain to everyone who asks..."We met online." Some people who are struggling rightfully feel that God does not need an online resource to bring people together. Sure, he doesn't need it. But does he use it? Absolutely.

            Say what you will about online dating. I am well aware that it has brought disaster for some people, a greater hopelessness for some, and a huge cause for celebration and joy for others. All I know in my own personal life is that I will witness the most spectacular of Sacraments this weekend and will be a part of a grand party with many of my friends and family celebrating a wonderful love that God wrote into the story of the world. And the avenue He chose to make this all possible...was the Internet.