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Some of Emily's speaking topics include:

Loved, Worthy, Blessed, and Beautiful (for teen girls): In this talk Emily shares about what it means to be a woman created in God's image and likeness and how we live that out as young women in the modern culture. Emily intertwines a message about chastity and healthy relationships, self-esteem and healthy self-image, and the importance of having a personal faith life and relationship with God.

Loved, Worthy, Blessed, and Beautiful (for young adult women): In this talk Emily shares the same message of the core of womanhood - but this message delves in deeper into the topics of vocational discernment, realizing one's passions, growth in college and young adulthood as a woman, and healthy and strong dating relationships in a challenging Christian dating scene. 

He Calls You Woman (for adult women's conferences)In this talk, Emily unpacks the account of the sinful woman and her experience with Jesus as well as the account of the woman at the well. She walks women through these accounts and how they reflect the infinite mercy and love of God the Father. She shares and reinforces the truth that no matter how far we may stray from Christ, He never calls us unworthy, sinful, or unlovable, or sees us for our sin - He sees each individual woman for who she is in Him. 

Rise Up (for young men)This engaging and unique talk for young men centers around Saint John Paul II's quote, "It is the duty of every man to uphold the dignity of every woman." In this talk, Emily shares a relatable and unique perspective for the young men about their role in our society. She shares 3 points from her experience as a young woman: firstly, the true definition of masculinity and how it stands in opposition to the world's definition of a man - secondly, the ways young men can rise to the occasion of our need for great men in the world - and third, how and why young men can and have a duty to uphold the dignity of every woman in their life. 

God's Timing, Power, and Provision (all ages)This talk takes groups of all ages through three accounts in the Gospels: Jesus' encounter with the hemorrhaging woman, Jesus' calling of Peter out of the boat, and the wedding feast at Cana. In this talk, Emily helps audiences look at their lives and the way God uses His perfect timing, power, and provision in their every day life in events both big and small. This talk can incorporate short discussion between pairs after each Gospel account as well. 

Being a Teen in 2018: This talk is geared toward teen retreats, conference, and high-school assemblies. Emily helps teenagers take a look at their identity - she challenges them with the question Who Are You? and unpacks the difference between who the culture is telling them they are and who God created them to be. Emily shares her own testimony of how she came to choose and love her faith in a world that discouraged her from doing so. 

What Is Love? (for teens or young adults)In this talk, Emily brings a message of chastity to young people in a relatable and captivating way. As a young person who listened to many chastity speakers, Emily was inspired to create a talk on chastity for teens that is engaging, down-to-earth, and honest. In this talk, she shares her testimony of why she decided to save sex for marriage at the age of 16 and the trials that came along with that decision, and how worthwhile this decision came to be in her life. She offers practical points for both the young men and young women on how they can uphold the dignity of the other by the way they act, dress, and share on social media. She helps young people to see the fulfillment that chastity can bring to one's life.

Emily can write and share any specific talk based on your theme and needs for your event.