Emily is a talent in every sense of the word - a gifted worship leader and speaker whose interior beauty radiates and resounds throughout her entire ministry. Teens love her. Adults love her. Emily is a humble and authentic soul, waking every day to love the Lord and inviting us all to do the same. She’s one of my favorite people to be around and to serve beside. Emily Wilson is a true gift to the Church and I can’t wait to watch my own kids have their faith lives touched by all the Lord is doing through her.

- Mark Hart, Executive Vice President of Content and Identity, Life Teen International

Having Emily speak and sing at our women’s conference was like a breath of fresh springtime air in the midst of a blizzard. Her talk  “God in the Everyday” spoke to every woman in the audience and her performance and singing during adoration was “perfect, powerful and inspiring." She was able to connect with women of all ages, from my mother-in-law to my nine-year-old daughter!   She was a joy to work with and the highlight of the conference for many attendees. I would highly recommend her to any organization searching for a speaker or worship leader desiring to show the beauty and truth of our Catholic Faith.

- Michele Faehnle, Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference Board Co-Chair

Emily Wilson is a dynamic speaker with a strong Catholic message delivered in a way that young people can relate to.  Her use of music, visuals, humor, and up-to-date cultural references held our high school girls spellbound.  Her message is a very uplifting one that young women today need.  Instead of being “preachy,” she candidly discussed the pressures on girls today and how she has worked to be a woman of faith in the modern world despite these challenges.  Our students were truly inspired.  After her sessions, many of them lined up to ask her questions or to just thank her for sharing her story of faith. 

-Mary Ann Steutermann, Assumption High School, Louisville, KY

We were pleased to have Emily Wilson speak to our audience of women of all ages! She spoke with conviction, expertise on faith matters, and a radiance that made us all feel connected. Emily’s ability to speak from the depth of her spirit, appealed to the more experienced. Her awareness of relevant issues was key in keeping the interest of our teen attendees. Emily is down to earth, faithful, and talented! I believe in the universal power of music to blend the generations, and we were all singing during her praise and worship segment. We felt BLESSED to have her. I strongly recommend Emily Wilson to satiate the wants and needs of an audience that is younger as well as for those who are young at heart. 

-Ann Marie Paden, St. Brigids Catholic Church, Hanford, CA

Emily's depth of faith and genuine love for God comes through her music in a beautiful and profound way. Her music and witness is a true gift and a beautiful example of a woman of faith who is a genuine example of discipleship. She is a moving worship leader whose music guided our young adult group into deep prayer. As a dynamic speaker, she connected with the group in a genuine and powerful way.

- Reverend Stephen Davoren, Vocation Director for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles

This is the second time we have brought Emily Wilson to our parish, and she is able to inspire people of all ages. The youth and adults really enjoy her message and storytelling. She has a beautiful way of tying the stories of scripture into our everyday lives, and the youth thought it was easy to relate to her message of God's love. Emily has a gift of being down to earth, and at the same time, very inspiring to young and old alike! If you are looking for a great presenter who challenges the youth to live lives of virtue and holiness, and who also has the great gift of leading prayer and worship, Emily is who you're looking for.

-Tiffany S., Youth Minister

I believe the most powerful worship is when you know that the worship leader is praying the lyrics, not just performing them.  Emily has this rare ability to do that and to bring everyone gathered to a deeper encounter with Jesus Christ who you are singing about.  When Emily leads in worship, the words you sing mean something. Through her work as campus minister, she also has the ability to challenge young men and women to courageously live a virtuous life.

- Steve Allgeyer, Vice President of Missions and Ministry Development, Life Teen International

Emily Wilson has performed in concert and also spoken and performed at our annual youth conference and did an amazing job with the youth and adults.  Her music resonates with the youth and her message is very well received.  She speaks from the heart and the youth can see this and respond to her message.  I highly recommend Emily for parish or diocesan events and we will definitely invite her back to the Diocese of Beaumont.

- Tex Phelps, Director of Youth Ministry, Archdiocese of Washington, DC

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